Professional​ CO2 Laser Platform Systems & Material Processing Services

Wavelength Laser brings expertise in digital imaging, manufacturing and workflow processes to the New England area. The scientific, engineering and educational markets are our primary focus but, with our strong imaging background, we also cater to the graphics/signage segments. Our core business is selling, training and servicing CO2 and Fiber laser cutters and engravers.

As the Northeast Channel partner for Universal Laser Systems and BOFA Americas, we can help design a system that fits your needs. New systems are now able to combine fiber and CO2 wavelengths to allow the processing of many previously unworkable materials. We will happily test your material and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the settings and fixtures used in your application.

We also partner with BOFA Americas to provide air purifiers for situations where exhausting to the outside is not possible. We work with Architects, HVAC teams, and engineering firms to build exhaust systems that suit the needs of our customers. When it is possible to vent to the outside, we offer advice on exhaust appropriate to the system site.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions that you may have.